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Manual Edema Mobilization Published Articles from Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Howard, SB, The Use of Manual Edema Mobilization for reduction of persistent edema, Journal of Hand Therapy, Vol. 14, #4, Oct 2001, pp. 291-301
  • Priganc VW, Ito M: Changes in Edema, Pain or ROM following Manual Edema Mobilization: a single-case study design, Journal of Hand Therapy, Vol 21, #4, 2008, pp. 326-335
  • Roenhoej K, Maribo, T: A Randomized Clinical Controlled Study Comparing the Effect of Modified Manual Edema Mobilization Treatment with Traditional Edema Technique in Patients with a Fracture of the Distal Radius.  Journal of Hand Therapy Vol. 24, #3, July/September 2011, pp 184-194.

MEM Publications

Articles and Chapters by Sandra Artzberger

AOTA Physical Disabilities Special Interest Section Quarterly, Vol. 20 #1 March 1997. Edema Control: New Perspectives

Artzberger, S. Manual Edema Mobilization: treatment for edema in the subacute hand. In: Hunter, Mackin, Callahan, eds. Rehabilitation of the Hand and Upper Extremity. Vol 5, St. Louis, MO, Mosby; 2002: 899-913.

Internet Document from the South African Journal of Hand Therapy Dec.-July 2003 entitled: Hand Manual Edema Mobilization: overview of a new concept. Found by doing a Google search for manual edema mobilization, article listed as e-doc interactive (usually one of the first three listings)

AOTA Physical Disabilities Special Interest Section Quarterly Vol. 28 #2 June 2005. A Critical Analysis of Edema Control Techniques

Artzberger, S. Edema Reduction Techniques: a biological rationale for selection. , Cooper, Cynthia ed. In Fundamentals of Hand Therapy: clinical Reasoning and treatment guidelines for common diagnoses of the upper extremity. Mosby/Elsevier; Sept. 2006

Advance for OT June 8th, 2009:  Foundations of Edema Reduction

Advance for PT Sept. 2009 Vol 20 #19  Reducing the Pressure

Artzberger S, & Sauzier J:  Edema Reduction In: Stroke Rehabilitation a functional approach, G Gillen editor, 3rd edition, Elsevier, 2011

Artzberger S, & Priganc, V: Manual Edema Mobilization: an edema reduction technique for the orthopedic patient. In: Rehabilitation of the Hand and upper Extremity 6th Edition Elsevier, Feb. 2011.

Other Publications

Internet course for credit. Edema Classifications and Their Relationship to Manual Edema Mobilization 2002. Course found on: OnlineCE.com

Manual Edema Mobilization and Lymphedema Patient Self Management Cards (computer cards) 2007 from VHIkits.com

MEM Read and test for credit course for www.Rehabed.com 2010